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Write a 300 word Character sketch of Mr Lamb in On The Face Of It

Character sketch of Mr Lamb in On The Face Of It

“On The Face Of It” by Susan Hill features a complex character, Mr Lamb. His physical appearance, coupled with his peculiar behavior, leaves readers intrigued. Let’s dive deeper into this fascinating character sketch of Mr Lamb and analyze his motivations and actions.

Character sketch of Mr Lamb

The play “On The Face Of It” by Susan Hill features a complex and fascinating character named Mr. Lamb. Mr. Lamb is a man of great intelligence, wit, and humanity despite his physical disfigurement brought on by an acid attack.

Although some people might find him to be unsettling in appearance, he is resilient and strong on the inside. Despite having endured incredible hardship, he has maintained his optimism and philosophical outlook on life. He has acquired the ability to see past the obvious and value beauty on the inside.

Derry, the young boy who enters Mr. Lamb’s garden, strikes up a conversation with him, and it is clear that Mr. Lamb is wise and understanding. He offers Derry friendship and direction because he understands the isolation and loneliness the latter is going through. Mr. Lamb is a sympathetic and understanding listener who exhorts Derry to be himself and not be ashamed of his individuality.

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Despite his own physical limitations, Mr. Lamb has a strong love of the natural world. He encourages Derry to do the same because he finds joy in the little things. He is a man who has mastered the art of present-focused living.

Overall, Mr. Lamb is a remarkable character who disproves our assumptions and imparts important life, love, and acceptance lessons. He is a character in this potent play who is truly unforgettable because of his humanity, strength, and resilience.

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