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Give 300 word Character sketch of Derry in Story On the Face of It

Give 300 word Character sketch of Derry in Story On the Face of It

The Story On the Face of It is a touching narrative that highlights the struggles of a young boy named Derry, who faces societal discrimination due to his disfigured face. In this character sketch of Derry, we will explore the emotional depth of Derry’s personality and the impact of his experiences on his outlook towards life.

Character sketch of Derry

Derry is a character in the short story “On the Face of It” by Susan Hill. He is a young boy who has been disfigured in an accident, leaving him with a scarred face and a crippled leg. Despite his physical limitations, Derry is a lively and curious child who enjoys exploring the world around him.

One of Derry’s defining traits is his resilience. Despite the obstacles he has faced, he refuses to give up on life or let his appearance define him. He is brave and determined, willing to try new things and take risks even when they scare him.

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At the same time, Derry is also sensitive and introspective. He often thinks deeply about his place in the world and the way others perceive him. He longs for acceptance and friendship, but is wary of being hurt or rejected.

Throughout the story, Derry’s interactions with Mr. Lamb, an older man who is also an outcast, reveal the depth of his character. Despite their initial wariness of each other, Derry and Mr. Lamb form a deep bond based on their shared experiences of exclusion and loneliness. Through their relationship, Derry learns that true friendship and acceptance come from seeing beyond appearances and valuing a person for who they are.

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Overall, Derry is a complex and nuanced character who embodies both strength and vulnerability. His story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of connection to overcome even the greatest obstacles.

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