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Give a Character sketch of Horace Danby in A Question of Trust

Give a Character sketch of Horace Danby in A Question of Trust

In “A Question of Trust,” Jeffrey Archer masterfully crafts the character sketch of Horace Danby, a seemingly ordinary man with an extraordinary hobby. With his impeccable attention to detail and meticulous planning, Danby leads readers on a thrilling journey of deception and betrayal. Let’s dive deeper into this fascinating character.

Character sketch of Horace Danby

Horace Danby, the protagonist of “A Question of Trust” by Somerset Maugham, is an intriguing character with an unexpected backstory. He is a meek and unassuming man, a respectable member of the middle-class society, who has been leading a double life as a burglar.

Danby’s passion for collecting rare books and manuscripts drives him to commit a series of carefully planned heists. He is meticulous in his preparations and executes his plans with precision, leaving no trace of his presence behind. He is so skilled in his craft that he has managed to remain undetected for years.

Despite his criminal activities, Danby is not portrayed as a villain. He is a sympathetic character with a tragic backstory. He has suffered immense losses in his life, including the death of his wife and child, and has been struggling to make ends meet. His love for books and his desire to possess them is a way of finding solace in his otherwise bleak life.

Danby’s character undergoes a transformation in the story when he is caught by his latest victim, Mrs. Blackwell. He is torn between his desire to escape and his guilt over betraying Mrs. Blackwell’s trust. In the end, he chooses to return the stolen manuscript and confess his crime, demonstrating that he has a conscience and is not entirely devoid of moral values.

Overall, Horace Danby is a complex character with conflicting emotions and motivations. He is a sympathetic character despite his criminal activities, and his actions challenge the reader’s preconceived notions of right and wrong.

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