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Grandmaster Shifuji Net worth, Biography and Career

What is the net worth of Grandmaster Shifuji?

As per media report net worth of grandmaster shifuji is approx $7 million and if we do math we will find this figure in Indian Rupees which is almost 50 crore rupees. The monthly income of Grand Master Shifuji is 75 lakh rupees approx. Shifuji charged approx. $ 465,249 (3 crore rupees) for Baaghi movie. Shifuji’s main source of income is as an independent command mentor. He also makes money from films as an actor, action choreographer and action designer. In his last interview he said he charges 45 lakh for 1 hour of training as a action choreographer in movies.

Grand Master Shifuji Biography

Grandmaster Shifuji is an actor, action choreographer, action designer, motivational speaker, independent command mentor, and poet.

Many people know Shifuji through his motivation and aggressive video, but not many people know the life story and profession of Shifuji. Shifuji was born on March 23, 1973 in Gurdaspur, Punjab.

Shifuji’s father calls Manvendra Pratap Bhardwaj. He is a wrestler and is named after his mother, Nitambara Devi. He teaches poor children at their maximum age for free. Shifuji’s brother is called Major General S.K. Bhardwaj and his sister is called Ritambhara Thakur.

Shifuji’s grandfather was a prominent revolutionary figure and is a member of the Republican Socialist Association of Hindustan, and many of the Shifuji family belong to Indian forces. his inspiration is Sheed Bagahat Singh. Shifuji’s full name is Shaurya Bhardwaj.

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Achievements of Grand Master Shifuji

If we are talking about Shifuji’s profession, he does not hold government positions. Shifuji is a freelance trainer who provides intensive training in survival and war techniques to the Indian military and state forces. After 26/11, the Mumbai attack police added a special task force, the first responders, all the commandos are trained by Shifuji.

You know? Shifuji investigates 67 special forces in a country and invents his own war technique, the name of the technique is Mitti. With the help of the workshop, Shifuji provides self-defense training for girls in many places. This training is mainly provided through its Mission Prahar program. More than 42 lakh girls are participating and the strength is increasing day by day.

To help people, Shifuji starts many missions like Mission Bhagat Singh., Mission Meri Mitti. Mission Revolutionary Pride and many more. he also works in the films Baagi and Baagi 2. Shifuji is a great source of inspiration for many young people.

Shifuji married Aarti Shaurya Bhardwaj. They both have a son, Veerbhan Pratap Shaurya Bhardwaj, and a daughter, Atiksha Shaurya Bhardwaj.

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grandmaster shifuji net worth chart.
grandmaster shifuji net worth chart image – (Approx. data)

Grandmaster Shifuji net worth chart

Year Net Worth
Year 20165 Crore INR
Year 20177.5 Crore INR
Year 201815 Crore INR
Year 201920 Crore INR
Year 202030 Crore INR
Year 202150 Crore INR
grandmaster shifuji net worth chart (Approx. data)

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Career and net worth of Grandmaster shifuji

Discipline is the first priority in Shifuji’s life. Shifuji’s father, Manvendra Pratap Bhardwaj, teaches Shifuji wrestling, swimming and martial arts. At 17, Shifuji will know the toughest Kalapripayattu technique in martial arts.

This technique was discovered by the great Indian soldier Parshuram Ji. Shifuji is finishing his degree from DAV Science College and Urban Welfare and Body Science, Shifuji is finishing his doctorate. degree.

Shifuji is an expert in languages; He knows many languages ​​like Sanskrit, Punjabi, Hindi, Haryanvi, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Russian, English and many other languages. The first Shifuji is mainly known as Surya Bhardwaj. The meaning of Shifugi is Dharam guru, Expert Person and Teacher.

Now: Shaurya Bhardwaj is the only person in the world who has the right (permission) to use Shifuji with her name. Shifuji’s signature is not his name. Shifuji’s company is Inquilab Zindabad.

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What is Shifuji doing now?

Shifuji has no where to go! Yes, he himself says so. In fact, Shifuji provides self-defense training to youth, especially women, through the program ‘Mission Prahar’ through workshops at different places. He claims that so far, Survival has given training to around 39 lakh girls in tactics and self-defense. According to Grandmaster Shifuji, he is currently engaged in training the commandos of Elite Marcos and Elite Special Forces.

Shefuji is going to do self defense program ‘Mission Prahar’ for women in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. He says that this will be the largest workshop of its kind in the world till date to challenge it for the Guinness Book. Apart from this, Shifuji is also going to open army schools in two states in 70 and 92 acres area in future, in which lifelong free education will also be given to the children of soldiers of any department of India.

Journey as Action Choreographer

If Shifuji trains ‘Army’, then what is the relation with Bollywood? You must have seen Shefuji in Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor starrer ‘Baaghi’. In this film, Shefuji’s character was as Tiger Shroff’s teacher who trains Tiger in ‘Kalaripayattu’ (he is also Tiger Shroff’s mentor in real life.). Not only this, Grandmaster Shifuji has given his guidance in many big action films as Chief Action Designer and Chief Action Choreographer. Will he continue to be seen in films? On this, he says that at present he is preparing the action design of Baaghi 2.

Shefuji got calls for about 22 projects, but he wanted to be associated with that project, through which he could increase the respect of the soldiers of India or any such project which could inspire the youth to do something good. He adds further and says- ‘I am neither a fan of any hero nor of any film… I am just a fan of the revolutionaries of India and every soldier of India except them.

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