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Great Escape Water Park
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The Great Escape seems to be an excellent option for those looking for a small to medium water park with limited rides and a fun afternoon picnic next to a lush green spot in Virar with the family or with a group of friends.

With clear water pools and over a dozen thrilling water park slides, this fantastic resort proves to be the perfect place for thrills, adventures and relaxation with family and friends.

Elderly people and senior citizens looking for free time with family and children, enjoying poolside water rides will feel the elegance and quality time in Great Escape.

Nature has blessed Great Escape with extensive trees inside and outside the parking area. Close to the green belt of Virar potters, a densely forested village with natural hot springs from the volcanoes of the past.

Great Escape is a huge water theme park spread over 26 acres in Virar East in Mumbai’s Maharashtra. A 26-acre water park in Mumbai dedicated to pure joy. The park has everything you need for a day away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai.

Our twelve acres of park facilities and amenities are equipped to accommodate over 3,000 guests per day. The park may be open late for parties or gatherings, but accommodations are not available. A nylon/lycra swimsuit is required for all water activities and slides.

Take an inflatable boat and let the lazy river be your guide while you lie in the sun. You can experience the thrill of over a dozen spectacular water park slides and delicious vegetarian dishes from a variety of cuisines.

Quality Of Great Escape Water Park Resort

Great Escape Water Park
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Challenge your friends and family in water park games or race them on the water slides before landing in a lazy landing pool. There’s something for everyone at this 26-acre water park.

The park has enormous waterslides, plenty of minor falls, recreational wave pools, play areas and rain dance areas for the thrill of a lifetime. You can spend the whole day in the park, have fun on the slides, enjoy a delicious meal or just relax in the pool.

Spend the day at your leisure. If you don’t want to get into the water, you can spend the day with a book or listening to music. You can also sit by the pool and enjoy splashes of water from your friends or family from time to time.

The park also has dance floors where you can swing your legs to the upbeat tunes played by the DJ.

The park also has several pools for adults and children to play in and escape the heat. This huge water park has pool slides, including a new giant water slide. A 40-foot high slide is in the foreground, and the other slides are small but equally fun.

Get pumped with adrenaline that flows fast and monstrously on the 40-foot waterslide, or just relax with soothing curls in the indoor wave pool. Gather your team and dive into the water, dancing to your heart’s content.

Eating And Expenditures

Great Escape Water Park
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The entrance fee is Rs 549, including unlimited breakfast, lunch and snacks. Ticket price 525 rupees including breakfast. Evening lunch and tea with snacks. Locker 100 rupees. Unlimited Food – Unlimited breakfast, unlimited lunch and end of the day with afternoon tea and snacks.

Food is known for being delicious at Great Escape.

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Suppose you know in advance that the Great Escape is the perfect combination of water rides, beautiful surroundings, food and entertainment. In that case, your review of the Great Escape is likely to be excellent or satisfactory.

Samaj Picnic Our catering and hospitality services provide excellent service and mouth-watering dishes in our multi-cuisine kitchens. Few non-Veg lovers can dislike food, but they are all great when it comes to food.


great escape water park
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Moovit provides free real-time maps and directions to help you navigate the city. No need to download a bus or train app. Moovit is your unique transit app to help you find the best available bus or train times. From the station, you will take buses, cars and taxis that will take you to the park.

Take the first right after Virar Phat (Milestone 474) on Vajreshwari Road to Parol Phat and turn right onto the Great Escape, 1 1/2 km inland.

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  1. How many pools are there in great escape?
    There are 4 pools including wave pool. There minimum 7-8 rides. The baby funnel ride is amazing. And also wave pool start after 12pm every hour for 8 minutes till 4:00 clock.

  2. How do you get to The Great Escape?
    Hop in to western railway train to either Vasai or Virar. From Vasai (E), take ST bus for Vajreshwarior auto rickshaw to The Great Escape Water Park. From Vasai (W), take direct auto rickshaw to The Great Escape Water Park. From Virar (E), take ST bus for Vajreshwarior auto rickshaw to The Great Escape Water Park.

  3. Does Great Escape provide towels?
    The Lodge provides complimentary towels for use by our overnight guests in the indoor waterpark. Towels must be returned to the waterpark attendant after use.

  4. How tall is the outlaw Great Escape?
    At over 165 feet high and stationed on the highest elevation in the park, the Outlaw is the new tallest ride The Great Escape has to offer.

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