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Suraj Water Park | A Joyful Place In Mumbai

Suraj Water Park covers 11 acres and invites guests of all ages to indulge in various themed water attractions. It has 9 rides, suitable for all ages, some even have height standards.

The 103-foot fibreglass cave is the largest man-made fibreglass cave in Asia. They have a lot of slideshow themes, and it is very close to Thane and Mumbai people.

The park is adorned with beautiful 24ft tall and 40ft long mermaids who greet you as you enter. This park is a great place to sit and relax, especially after putting on dry clothes after a day on the water rides.

If you are not comfortable in the water, you can have fun in the rustic-style dry park. Enjoy exciting water rides, sit by the pool, and enjoy the view with delicious snacks.

It is recommended that children simulate the same experience on a much softer scale. The thrill of descending the spiral water tunnel is worth the experience.

A combination of resort, amusement park and water park, this place allows you to experience the thrill of karting, children’s pools, fountains and numerous water slides and tunnels.

Attendance at Asia’s largest theme water park is close enough to 2 million people per year. That number is growing every year, which is enough to give you a clear idea of ​​its popularity.

Suraj Water Park is genuinely excellent because Suraj Water Park has the largest artificial fibreglass cave in all of Asia, which is also listed in the Limca Book of Records.

Core Facilities Of Suraj Water Park

Suraj Water Park has multiple rides, including Nanha Tal, Ding-Dong, Labak and Zabak, Sing-a-Song, Shiv Ganga Slide, Wave Pool and Rainbow Slide for kids.

One of the most famous attractions at the fantastic Suraj Water Park is the wave pool, like a wave pool of different sizes. A wave pool mimics the action of the sea, blowing artificial air into the water to create a wave effect.

You will then pass a series of fountains that spray jets of fresh water into the air until you reach a fibre cave. The moment you pass by the Fountain Museum, you will get a soaring splash of refreshing water.

At the entrance to the fibrous cave, there are beautiful images of Natraj and Lord Shiva. The statue of Lord Shiva with the Ganges coming out of a lock of hair, as in Indian mythology, is adorned with children’s water slides.

As soon as visitors enter, they are greeted by two giant sirens on either side of the entrance.

Spend the day sliding down the steep waterslides or just relaxing on the inflatable tires in the cold running water. Switch between slides and dive into the fun and excitement. You can ride alone or with your family on a rubber float.

Ding-Dong and Sing-a-Song are two other vertical slides where round pipes whistle down, and colourful Ulat Palat (literally a mess) are wild ups and downs. There are water slides. Some of them give you a 100-foot dive that is 350 feet long.

The children’s water sports area contains slides of lower height and increased safety.

Kids can really spend the time of their lives here on fun rides like a mini train (Shiv Ganga Express), helicopter flight, elephant ride, horse ride, cat ride and car ride in this best water park in Mumbai.

Crazy River and Lazy River are water areas that simulate the flow of natural rivers, where children and adults are carried away by the current, using floats and rubber hoses as protection from the water.

Innovative and adventurous rides like Loopy Whoopy, Zip Zap Zoom, Yell-O, Boomeranggo, Raftaastic and Floats will add a fantastic experience to you, proving that this is one of the best water parks in Mumbai.

Placement And Schedule

Suraj water park is located in the Thane area west of Godbander; enjoying rides at a water park just gets easier when you don’t have to worry about Mumbai traffic.

As they progressed, visitors stumbled upon the idols of Lord Shiva and Lord Natraj before heading out on thrilling rides and slides. Stay hydrated throughout the day as it is pretty common to feel tired in water, especially as it tricks the mind into thinking it is not thirsty.

Since you’ll be stuck around for hours, it’s easy to forget about drinking water in the midst of all the fun, and it can lead to dehydration. Pack towels and an extra set of clothes if the ones you bring with you get wet.

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  1. What is the entry fee of Suraj Water Park?
    The water park is open on all days of the week from 10 AM to 6 PM. For adults, a flat fee of INR 800 is charged per head. While children below the height of 3 feet 5 inches enter for free, there is a reduced charge of INR 650 per child in the height range of 3 feet 5 inches to 4 feet 5 inches.

  2. Who is the owner of Suraj Water Park?
    A second-generation entrepreneur, Mr. Suraj Muchhala made his mark as the Managing Director of Arun Muchhala Group, with his first project Suraj Water Park in 2004. He was designated as the proprietor of Suraj Water Park.

  3. How many slides are there in Suraj Water Park?
    There are seven different slides at the water park – the Ulat Pulat Slide, the Shiv Ganga Slide – Har Ganga, Labak Zabak Matak, Ding Dong Sing Song, Dhadkan Sabke Dil Ki and the Rainbow Slides.

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