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Snow World Mumbai | Enormous Park In Mumbai

Snow World Mumbai is one of India’s leading snow sledding theme parks located in Mumbai and Noida. It is located at the Phoenix Market City Mall in Kurla (West). It is equally popular with kids and adults alike.

Visit Snow World as it can be fun to enjoy the snowy winter atmosphere in a city like Mumbai, which has a humid climate. This breathtaking natural snowfall will make your visit very special.

This snowy village will give you an unforgettable experience. You will definitely have a good time with your family and friends. Majestic snow-capped mountains, a beautiful snow tunnel, a small Eskimo wooden hut, an igloo, a Roman-style wall are popular attractions.

snow world mumbai penguin

Provision Of Snow World Mumbai

Mumbai’s first snow theme amusement park offers visitors many fun adventures under the snow, including ice skating, snowfall/dancing, ice slides and sledging. Temperatures at Mumbai’s Snow World drop to -10 degrees Celsius, and inside there are plenty of snow adventures awaiting you, including ice skating, snow sledding and snow dancing.

Snow World provides all the warm clothing: parkas, winter boots and gloves needed to relax and enjoy the frosty environment. From boots to jackets, from gloves to helmets, everything is provided right in front of the entrance to the snow park. Suits and shoes will be provided for everyone according to the person’s size to withstand the extreme cold in the Snow World.

You will be provided with a pair of skates to try ice skating. There are a variety of activities you can take part in, from ice skating, snowboarding, snow sledding, snow games, sledding and even snow dancing.

snow world mumbai snow cave

The snow playground allows you to enjoy the natural snow with your family and friends. Snow cannons create artificial snowfall, and you can have fun sitting in the corner or dancing with your partner.

Said to be the first signature snowfall at any snow dome or theme park show in India, visitors are exposed to the snowfall for five minutes immediately before the show ends.

Snow World provides cold, sterilized clothing so that visitors can cope with sub-zero temperatures inside. Every day, the top layer of snow is removed, and another two to three tons of snow that form in Snow World is used to cover the snow layer. Enjoy winter’s snow parks with activities for beginners and advanced skiers alike.


Engage in friendly snow battles, make giant snowballs, or get creative building a snowman, snow castle, etc. Here you can take part in snow fights, click on images of igloos and deer, and make snowmen with your children.

Sit up straight or lie on your stomach and enjoy the thrill of riding in the snow. After you are done with your adventures, you can go to the Snow Café for hot tea or coffee. Put on your jackets, gloves and boots and enter the snow tunnel, log cabin or small igloos for a photoshoot.

snow slide at snow world mumbai

Location And Timings

The Snow World Kurla West show runs from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm, and visitors are given one hour to view the place. This place is located in the Phoenix mall in Kurla and is a good place for little kids. A fun getaway from Mumbai’s infamous heat and humidity, Snow World is a one-of-a-kind snow theme park in Kurla’s Phoenix Market City, Mumbai.

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  1. Ticket snow world mumbai entry fees?
    The ticket of Snow World Mumbai costs ₹600 per person for each session of one hour. The charge includes all the activities and attractions in this snow-themed park. Snow World Mumbai entry fees also include the rent for warm clothes – jackets, gloves and boots.

  2. How much time we can spend in Snow World?
    The time limit is one hour. over a year ago. Inside snow world you can spend maximum an hour and that is the allotted time too per session. Before an hour , you will feel freezing as they will provide materials which can cover all parts expect your leg.

  3. Is the snow in snow world real?
    Snow World in Mumbai is the first snow park in the city. This snow park offers a natural feeling of a hill station covered with snow and snowfall. The indoor temperature of this park is -10°C, where you are not allowed to enter without a warm jacket, gloves, and warm trouser.

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