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How to reach Rameshwaram from Delhi By BUS, Train and AIR

Travel Guide to Rameshwaram

Rameshwaram, a picturesque town located in Tamil Nadu, is famous for its stunning beaches and religious significance. If you’re planning a trip to this spiritual hub from Delhi, here’s a guide on how to reach Rameshwaram from Delhi.

Even though the Rameshwaram temple is located at the extreme end of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, it is not easy to reach here, but it is not difficult either, because the facilities of railway station and airport as well as bus stand are available around Rameswaram. . Let us know in detail about how to reach Rameshwaram temple.

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How to reach Rameshwaram from Delhi by Flight

The name of the nearest airport to Rameshwaram Jyotirling is Madurai Airport, from where the distance of Rameshwaram Jyotirling is about 170 km. Is. From Madurai airport you can go to Rameshwaram through both bus and taxi means. You will easily find both government and private buses to complete this journey, whose fare will cost you around ₹ 250-300. Traveling from Madurai via taxi to Rameshwaram Temple will cost you more money, so choose the bus option according to your budget.

How to reach Rameshwaram from Delhi by Bus

Direct buses to Rameshwaram are available from Chennai and Madurai as well as some major cities in different states of the country. If you are planning to complete this journey through bus, then you will not face any problem in completing it. You can easily complete the trip to Rameswaram temple by bus from your city. If you want, you can also plan this trip with your friends or family members.

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Using Train

Just 2 km from Rameshwaram Temple. Rameshwaram railway station is far away, but due to being a small railway station, trains run from only a few nearby cities. If your city is far away from Rameshwaram and you want to complete this journey by train, then you can catch a train to Madurai Junction, which is about 175 km from Rameshwaram Temple. Is located at a distance. Buses and taxis are easily available from Madurai Junction to reach Rameshwaram Temple.

If train facility is not available from your city to Madurai Junction also, then you can take train to Chennai Egmore Railway Station, which is about 555 km from Rameswaram Temple. And you can cover this distance by bus, taxi or train also.

Note:- I would suggest you that if you come to Chennai Egmore Railway Station, Madurai Junction or Madurai Airport to go to Rameshwaram Temple, then you should complete the journey of Rameshwaram Temple by train from here, because if you To complement the time by train, you can enjoy the best view around the longest sea bridge in India, named Pamban bridge, as the train running between Madurai and Chennai Egmore to Rameshwaram The train reaches Rameswaram only via the Pamban Bridge.

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How to reach Rameshwaram from Delhi by bike and car

If you are planning to go to Rameswaram temple by your bike or car from your city, then you will have a very good experience on this trip and also because of the position of Rameswaram temple at almost the end of Tamil Nadu state, you will have to travel on your bike. Or by completing the car, you will get a lot of happiness from inside. You will not have any problem in reaching Tamil Nadu from your city regarding road conditions, petrol pumps and food and drink hotels, restaurants and dhabas etc.

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