Ivan Cornejo Esta danada lyrics and FAQs

Esta danada lyrics were written by Ivan Cornejo and also sung by Ivan Cornejo which was released on 19 Aug 2021. Read the lyrics and FAQs about this song here below.

Esta danada lyrics

Está dañada del amor
No siente ningún dolor
Su felicidad terminó
Su esperanza desapareció
Ya no cree en el amor, su fe se le acabó
Ya no cree en el amor, llueve cada día en su mundo

Su sonrisa, su carita, sus manitas
Ay qué delicia, ay qué bonita está tu carita
Le gusta bailar con sus amigas
Eso le saca su hermosa sonrisa
Su hermosa sonrisa, ay, qué delicia

Se movía bien rico al reggaetón
Todas las noches cantando la canción
Que bailamos, nos besamos bien borrachos
Y cuando estés llorando
Encerrada en tu cuarto
Espero que tú cantes mi canción


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Esta danada lyrics English Translation

She’s damaged by love
She doesn’t feel any pain
Her happiness has ended
Her hope has disappeared
She doesn’t believe in love
Her faith has run out

She doesn’t believe in love
It rains every day in her world

Her smile, her face
Her hands, oh, such delight
Oh, how pretty is your face

She likes to dance with her friends
That brings out her beautiful smile
Her beautiful smile
Oh, what a delight

She moves well in reggaeton
Every night singing the song
That we danced, we kissed very drunk

And when you are crying
Locked yourself in your room
I hope you sing my song

La, la-la-la-laa
La, la-la-la-laa
La, la-la-la-laa


Who is the writer of Esta danada lyrics?
Esta danada lyrics were written by Ivan Cornejo.

Who is the singer of the Esta danada song?
Song was sung by Ivan Cornejo.

When did the Esta danada song get released?
This song was released on 19 Aug 2021.

Who produced the Esta danada song?
This song was produced by Wounded Studios.

What is the length of the Esta danada song?
Length of the Esta danada song is 3:34 minutes.

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