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Manori Beach: Perfect Tour Guide & FAQs (2022)

Manori beach is a favourite weekend destination for Mumbai residents. It is quite accessible and gives you the feeling of being in Goa, which is how it got the nickname “Mini Goa.” The beach is frequently visited by a convoy of tourists from Mumbai. Manori is home to two resorts themed as Spanish villas, as well as various additional hotels and lodging options. this beach is extremely popular among bikers because to its scenic surroundings .

There are various cottages and motels that welcome visitors for a one-day picnic and an overnight stay. beach is conveniently located near popular attractions such as Gorai Beach, Global Vipassana Pagoda, Water Kingdom, and Essel World. This makes it an ideal location for individuals who want to see many tourist attractions in a single day.

Activities to do at Manori Beach

1. Plan a Picnic

Manori Beach in Mumbai, located away from the hustle and bustle of city life, is an ideal weekend destination for city inhabitants looking to escape into nature. The beach is a favourite picnic location due to its pristine expanses of sand. this beach is generally popular on weekends with picnickers enjoying the view of the sea, whether with family or a group of friends.

Manori beach beach view

2. Take a walk along the lovely path.

A stroll along the sandy sands of the beach or cycling along the edge of the ocean would be an excellent way to unwind after a long week of work.

3. Discover the meal choices at beachside shacks.

One of Beach’s main attractions is its beach-side shacks. The food vendors are well-known for their wide selection of Chinese, Indian, and seafood dishes. Pork vindaloo and sorpotel, chicken raan, stuffed pomfret, and fried Bombay duck are the most popular meals here.

4. Stay at a beach resort.

The large stretch of Manori is a popular tourist and local attraction, with a variety of resorts and hotels giving great beachfront views. There are possibilities for snug and pleasant family accommodations as well as romantic stays for couples.

5. Find delight in the ferry ride.

If you want to go deeper into Mumbai’s beaches, take a boat journey to Marve Beach on the other coast. These boat journeys begin early in the morning and go until midnight, with one vessel departing the beach every five minutes.

manori beach drone view

Must-See Attractions Near Manori

1 Gorai Beach

Gorai is located near Manori beach and is the safest and cleanest of the three beaches. The Gorai beach is known for its beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The temperature in this location is fantastic, and visitors take full advantage of it.

2 Madh Fort

Madh Fort, also known as Varsova Fort, is located in north Mumbai. Previously, the Portuguese built the Madh Fort and utilised it as a watchtower. Because this location is now used by Indian military personnel, tourists must obtain permission before visiting.

3  Global Vipassana Pagoda

The Global Vipassana Pagoda, located near Manori beach, houses Gautam Buddha’s remains. The campus boasts a massive central hall that can hold up to 8000 students. The pagoda is known as one of the biggest hollow stone buildings, making it a major tourist destination.

manori beach cliffs and trek

4. The Sufi Dargah

This peaceful Dargah in at this beach is a Sufi place of devotion that is regularly visited by devotees. The classic, soothing Sufi music flowing from the Dargah adds to the calm and enjoyment of the beachfront experience.

5. Samudreshwar Temple

Located at the mouth of the Marve-Manori Jetty on Manori Beach is the Samudreshwar Temple, a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Although the Temple is closed for entry, the structure, built in the style of the traditional Maharashtrian Koli architecture, is worth seeing. 

Which are the best hotels for couples to stay at Manori Beach?

  1. Manoribel, Manori

Click to check out their website 

  1. Domonica Beach Resort, Manori

Click to check out their website 

  1. D’souza Farmhouse, Manori

Click to check out the map D’souza Farmhouse

  1. Manori Resort

Click to check out the map Manori Resort

FAQs About Manori beach

When to Visit?

The Beach is best visited in the winter or fall. This period lasts from October through March. It is chilly and invigorating at this time of year, with humidity typically lower, allowing one to make the most of the outdoor area on the beach.

However, many people prefer the sea experience during the summer; Mumbai thrives on hot summer temperatures and strong rains during the monsoon season. To enjoy an outstanding seashore experience, it is best to avoid the summer months.

Timings of Manori beach

Beach is open daily from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

How to Reach Manori Beach by Road ?

Manori Beach is about 40 kilometres away from Mumbai and is readily accessible by automobile. Tourists arriving in Mumbai can rent automobiles to go to the beach in the shortest amount of time possible, depending on where they are coming from in the city.

The beach is also near the Marve and Gorai beaches in Malad, and visitors may easily reach it from Borivali through a 15-minute boat journey. This excursion is another another fantastic feature of the vacation to Beach.

How to Reach Manori Beach by By Train ?

Tourists may go by rail from all around India to Mumbai and then to Manori Beach. Malad and Borivali on the Mumbai Local Train’s western line are the closest railway stations to Marve and Manori.

Marve beach is accessible by car from the railway station. To get to Manori Beach, guests must first get to the Manori Ferry Point and then take a 15-minute ferry journey.

How to Reach Manori Beach by Air ?

Because Manori Beach is only 40 kilometres from Mumbai, visitors may simply fly into the city and then go by vehicle or rail.

Mumbai is also the nearest international airport, and because it is one of the busiest in the country, flying to Mumbai is seldom a problem. Tourists like to stay in Mumbai because of the availability of nicer hotels and accommodations.

Is Manori beach safe for couples?

This beach is rarely visited, and it is mainly deserted. Also, with high tides, the beach is submerged and might be dangerous. The short answer is that it is not safe. Check the hotels before you check in, since some may not be suited for a family.

manori beach nearest railway station

Malad and Borivali on the Mumbai Local Train’s western line are the closest railway stations to Manori. beach is accessible by auto from the railway station.

manori beach address/Map

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