Saturday, July 13

Kantara For Oscars : Why it is trending and why Kantara Deserve Oscars?

Kantara Oscars twitter: Do you guys know about Tumbad or have you heard about this film? If you are a hardcore cinema lover and you must have heard of it. Well it was unfortunate to see this film’s collection for us that time which was around 10 crores INR. We failed that time as a fan of Indian cinema but things changed then, lot of things happened, we witnessed rise of RW in India, the boycott gang, the unorthodox film directors and many more. As result we saw a huge change in Audience interest over the period of time and this Shift was necessary. Now in this time film like Kantara achieving the milestones after milestones and creating history. Not just on BOX office but on people’s mind too.

Kantara is a classic film of Indian film industry. The direction, acting screen play, making and production are at top class. It resembles our Indian culture. It is really deserve for Oscar.

Kantara is a regional dharmic story of West Karnataka and Rishabh Shetty made a film on it. He created a masterpiece for Indian cinema that will be remembered for centuries and inspire new comers to think something different and create like someone can not imagine. IF you are still considering it as Film then we must tell you it’s not just a film, It’s an emotions and it’s a rise of Sanatana Cinema. As Sanatana Dharma has lakhs of epic stories which can win lakhs of OSCARS if someone like Rishabh Shetty come and picks it.

Kantara will work as bridge between creative minds and Sanatana scriptures. We hope that we will witness a huge shift in films in upcoming years as it’s already started. Kantara is not just a film for many but it is an emotion for Indian cinema lovers as we are frustrated from bollywood’s cheap copies and remakes and we need something news something great and something unique that define us, our culture and our civilization in positive manner.

A user named Dr Durgaprasad Hegde wrote “People are so impressed with #Kantara and are going for repeat watch Craze is so much that people are watching it for the 5th time that too in USA”

Only4Hindus twitter handle twitted “Why #KantaraForOscars? Because #KantaraMovie is not a fiction. It’s a movie of the masses and their culture.”


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