Saturday, June 22

Mumbai Rains and Cyclone Sitrang update for 19 and 20 Oct: Will SWM ends here?

Mumbai Rains and Cyclone Sitrang update for 19 and 20 October : Mumbai Weather Update notified that “Possibilities of light rains likely over Mumbai during next 24hrs, Dry weather thereafter, Humidity to reduce.”

Thane Weather Man notified about SW Monsoon 2022 as he stressed “We can say that now swmonsoon 2022 almost over from mumbai Tonight not much rains expected in Mumbai Some isolated area may get some drizzle-short moderate shower but mostly partly cloudy Tomorrow also less chance as mentioned in yesterday’s tweet And from 21st dry.”

The account also informed that “Cyclone sitrang will not show any effect not only in mumbai but in whole maharashtra. Rain free diwali.”

Thane weatherman made prediction on oct 16 about cyclone Sitrang that “Sticking to my old forecast regarding #cyclonesitrang affect on Mumbai. No affects on Mumbai as well as in Maharashtra.” We must say it was a very brave and accurate prediction by him. This guy deserve a follow, love and support form us.

As it is clear that Cyclone Sitrang will not affect Mumbai and Maharashtra. Abizer Kachvala the weather enthusiast also made a prediction about SWMonsoon that it will cease by 21 oct and we are optimistic about it.

Eco-centric, Organic Horticulturist, and Weather enthusiast Atherya Shetty also notified that “Withdrawal from #Mumbai between 15-22 Oct.”

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