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#MumbaiRains: Good news! Rains will completely cease by this date

Mumbai Rain update for 17 to 20 October: Good news Mumbai, Weather enthusiast and independent practitioner predicted that rain will completely cease by 21 or 22 October. Well it’s celebration time. But wait there are 5 more days in between. Let’s take a quick overview about the weather of Mumbai and Mumbai rains.

Weather enthusiast Abizer Kachwala informed “As it’s less than a week , before Diwali & rains making an extended stay. Here’s a good news- Very likely that rains will completely cease by 21st oct ,followed by a dip in temperature, giving winter feel on Diwali morning.”

Passionate weather enthusiast notified about Mumbai Rain update for 17 to 20 October “Get ready for the storm show Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Panvel, Kalyan, Dombivli snd adj areas Moderate to intense rains along with very dark clouds and strong powerful thunderstorms and lightning strikes”

Very famous and prestigious weather service of Mumbai notified “After couple of days of break, today onwards Mumbai & surrounding areas likely to get hit n miss thunderstorms till 20 October.”

Weatherman of thane also wrote “Kalyan-dombivali will get the Moderate spell by 5:30. Its raining moderately over mumbra. Mumbai and Thane will likely miss the Thunderstorm.”

Mumbai nowcast wrote “Its not over yet Thunderstorms approaching KDMC from north east Might spill over to Thane & Central Suburbs.”

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