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Pedal Powerhouses: The Top Cycle Brands Taking India by Storm

Top Cycle Brands in India

Top cycle brands in India is a topic that has been discussed by many people for many years. The topic of Top Cycle brands in India is one that you have to be very careful about because there are so many misconceptions out there. You will find it difficult to find information on this topic. In this article we will try to clear some of these misconceptions about top cycle brands in India so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing any product from one company or another!

Top Cycle Brands in India their short Discription

Hero Cycles

Hero Cycles is a brand name of Hero MotoCorp, which is a bicycle manufacturing company based in India. The company was founded by Mr. Vijay Mallya in 1983 as “Hero Cycles”.

The company’s headquarters are located at Chennai (formerly Madras), Tamil Nadu and has a production facility there as well as other locations across India including Mumbai, Pune and Bhavnagar .

Atlas Cycles

Atlas Cycles is a brand of bicycles and accessories. It is the largest bicycle brand in India, with over 250 stores. The company’s head office is located in Mumbai while its manufacturing facility is located at Mumbra, Thane district near Mumbai.

Atlas Cycles was founded in 2001 by Shrikant Walke and Sridhar Janardhanan as a small-scale manufacturing unit producing parts for various bike brands such as Hero Honda or Royal Enfield among others. In 2004 they started manufacturing their own line of bikes which were sold under their own brand name “Atlas” initially before expanding into other markets such as Europe where they have now established themselves as one of the largest players on that continent too!

Avon Cycles

Avon Cycles is a leading cycle brand in India, and also the world. It has been manufacturing cycles since 1904, when it started with just one product: Avon’s own bicycle. Over time, the company expanded its range to include bicycles for children; mountain bikes; cruisers; BMX bikes; road racing frames and so on.

Avon Cycles was founded by James Gurney who had previously worked as a salesman for another bicycle company called “The Bicycle Shop” that sold only recumbent cycles (bikes without handlebars). He quit this job because he wanted to focus more on his new venture instead of selling one type of product at every shop they visited around London city centre where there were many shops selling various brands like Raleigh Bicycles Ltd., Raleigh-Wolsey Ltd., Singer Motor Cycles Ltd., Rudge-Whitworth Coctioning Co., Daimler Benz AG etc..

Firefox Bikes

Firefox Bikes is a leading brand in the cycle industry. It has been around for over 20 years and it’s a brand that has many products to choose from. The company offers bikes for kids and adults, with different sizes and color schemes available.

Firefox Bikes also offers accessories like helmets, mudguards, saddlebags etc., which makes it easy for you to customize your bike according to your needs or taste!

BSA Cycles

BSA Cycles is a British bicycle manufacturer based in Stoke-on-Trent, England. It was founded by Ernest Barton Sampson and his brother William in 1903, when they took over the business from their father. The brothers continued to expand the company’s range of bicycles until 1917 when it became a public limited company under the name “Barton and Sampson Ltd” (B&S).

Later that year, B&S began manufacturing motorcycles as well as bicycles and tricycles for both civilian use and military use during World War I. In 1918/1919 there were two models available: ‘Model E’ which was an electric powered version; while ‘Model M’ had been developed specifically with military requirements in mind by using four cylinder engines instead of two cylinders like its predecessor model E had used three years before this time period began with its release date being June 1st 1918 so this means that some parts such as gears etc. may need replacing if you want them working properly again after installing new ones into place rather than just replacing entire assemblies without any work done beforehand!

Hercules Cycles

Hercules Cycles is one of the first and best cycle brands in India. It has been around for over 100 years, making it one of the most trusted names in cycling. The company’s wide range of bicycles includes road bikes, mountain bikes and hybrids that are suitable for both beginners and advanced riders alike.

The company also offers training programs for both children and adults as well as lifestyle accessories such as helmets or bags that can be used while on your bike ride with friends or family members who might not know how good they look with those accessories!

Montra Bikes

Montra Bikes is a leading manufacturer of bicycles, accessories and parts in India.

Montra Bikes was founded in the year 2013 by Mr. Mahesh Kumar, who has been involved in manufacturing bicycle since his childhood. He started with assembling frames and then moved on to producing complete bikes under the brand name Montra Cycles Ltd., which was later renamed as Montra Bikes Ltd before finally becoming Montra Bikes Ltd today (2014).

Trek Bikes

Trek Bikes is a brand of bicycles that was founded in 1976 by Gary Fisher and Bob Johnson. The company currently has its headquarters in Edina, Minnesota.

Trek Bikes manufactures mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bicycles (for those who want to ride on both pavement and dirt), kids’ bikes and more. Trek also makes parts for other brands such as Specialized Cycles or Giant Bicycles .

The company’s main markets are North America & Europe , but it sells products globally through distributors worldwide which include Japan , China , Australia & New Zealand .

Giant Bicycles

Giant Bicycles is a global bicycle manufacturer based in Taiwan. The Giant Corporation was founded in 1975 and has been manufacturing high-end bicycles ever since.

The company has grown to become the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world, with over 20 million bikes sold annually. Giant’s corporate headquarters are located in Taichung City, Taiwan where they employ about 700 people who work for them full time as well as seasonal workers who come from all over Asia to meet demand for their products during peak seasons such as summer or winter months (depending on where you live).

Giant also manufactures steel framesets under its own brand name but primarily focuses on aluminum models which means that if you want your bike to last several years before needing repair then choosing one made from aluminum instead of steel would be ideal since this material does not rust easily unlike steel ones do so if something fails within its lifetime then there won’t be any major damage done due t

Ridley Bikes

Ridley Bikes is a leading brand in the cycle market. It has a large range of products, which includes road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids and more. The company also offers you with accessories like helmets and saddles.

The company has been in business since 1968 and offers an extensive range of products for different needs such as cyclists who want to go on long rides or those who are looking for something lightweight but sturdy enough for everyday use at home or work.


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