Thursday, April 25

Star Sports IPL Viewership Breaks Live Broadcast Records on Star Sports with 140 Million Viewers Tuning In

According to insidesport, states that Star Sports received a big ratings boost for the IPL 2023 after the JioCinema app crashed during the first match of the season. A report by Disney Star, which indicates a 29% increase in TV ratings for Star Sports during the opening week of the tournament compared to the previous year. The report also suggests that the increased viewership could be due to the high-quality coverage and commentary provided by Star Sports, which includes a star-studded panel of experts and commentators.

Star Sports IPL Viewership Breaks Live Broadcast Records

Timesnownews, reports that the IPL 2023 has set new live broadcast records on Star Sports. The report cites a statement by the network, which claims that over 140 million people tuned in to watch the opening game of the tournament, making it the most-watched opening game in the history of the IPL. The tournament has seen a significant increase in viewership compared to the previous year, with more people tuning in to watch the matches live on TV and streaming platforms.

Overall, the reports suggest that Star Sports has had a highly successful IPL 2023, with increased ratings and viewership. This is a positive sign for the network, which has been investing heavily in sports broadcasting in India in recent years. The success of the IPL 2023 could also have broader implications for the sports industry in India, as it demonstrates the growing popularity of cricket and the potential for increased revenue from sports broadcasting.

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