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“The Haunting Rhyme of Antigonish Poem”

The Antigonish Poem! It’s a curious thing, this little verse that’s become so well-known. You might say it’s a bit of a mystery – no one’s quite sure who wrote it, or when. Some say it’s a piece of nonsense verse, while others see something darker lurking behind the whimsy. Whatever the case, there’s something undeniably compelling about the way the lines dance and twist, drawing you in with their playful rhythm and unexpected turns of phrase. Maybe it’s the way the words seem to echo in your mind long after you’ve finished reading them, or maybe it’s the way they hint at hidden meanings and secret truths. Whatever it is, there’s no denying that the Antigonish Poem has a power all its own.

“The Haunting Rhyme of Antigonish Poem”

“Antigonish Dreams”

In Antigonish, I lay my head,
And dream of all that could be said.
The words flow freely in my mind,
But when I wake, they’re hard to find.

I wander through the streets alone,
Lost in thoughts that are my own.
The night is dark, the moon is high,
And all around, the world is quiet.

But still I dream of what might be,
Of all the things that I might see.
The future holds such mystery,
And in my dreams, it’s clear to me.

So let me dream of what’s to come,
And let my heart beat like a drum.
For in my dreams, I am free,
And anything is possible to me.

“Antigonish Ghosts”

In Antigonish, the ghosts abound,
Haunting every corner of the town.
They whisper secrets in your ear,
And fill your heart with doubt and fear.

They lurk in shadows, unseen by all,
Waiting for the night to fall.
And when the moon is full and bright,
They come alive, a fearsome sight.

Their voices echo through the streets,
A haunting melody that repeats.
And though you try to run away,
Their presence lingers, night and day.

So if you come to Antigonish,
Beware the ghosts that haunt and wish.
For though they cannot harm your soul,
They’ll leave you with a story to be told.

“Antigonish Beauty”

In Antigonish, the beauty shines,
In every tree and every line.
The hills roll out in shades of green,
And every view is like a dream.

The sea is blue, the sky is clear,
And every sound is like a prayer.
The world around me seems to glow,
In Antigonish, I am home.

The people here are kind and warm,
And every face becomes a charm.
The town is small, but full of life,
And in my heart, it’s free from strife.

So let me stay in Antigonish,
And let me live in peace and bliss.
For in this town, I’ve found my heart,
And every day is like a work of art.

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