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Vashi Fruit Market: Peak into largest APMC in Mumbai

Vashi has an Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) market, where all grocery, fruit and food goods, as well as rice, lentils, wheat, and various spices, are offered at wholesale prices. Vashi APMC is known as cheapest fruit market in Mumbai city.

Fruit available at Vashi APMC Market

All the regular fruits eaten in an Indian household can be found here at wholesale prices, however, the rates may fluctuate time to time depending on the season and demand for the fruit are available in Vashi market.

Fruits like pomegranate, bananas, etc. can be found anytime and other fruits are sold seasonally. The Apples sold in this market are produced locally and transported from different states and also imported from other countries.

Fruits like custard apple, mangoes, pine apple, musk melon, oranges, grapes etc., are sold seasonally at affordable prices and also can be purchased in bulk.

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File: Indian Express

Current prices for a box of Apple is INR300 and varies depending on quality and other requisites, for a box of grapes its INR750 and continues to fluctuate according to the market, bananas at INR75 per kg.

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How is This Market useful for a common man

This market is a perfect place to buy fruits and vegetables when you need to purchase it in bulk as you can get it at wholesale prices. If you have an upcoming wedding planned or an occasion involving gathering of people for an event, one can buy all the fruits, vegetables, lentils, spices, etc. at affordable prices.

Not only that, this is an ideal market to buy mangoes in bulk during summers and enjoy the taste of Ras poori, unlimited mango juice and create new dishes with mango. Vashi Fruit Market is a golden opportunity for the juice corner owners and other small businesses in the food industry.

Location: RTO test ground, APMC Market, Sector 19, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400703

Timings: Usually the timings differ with the shops but most of the shops are opened around 8am and closed by 10pm.

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Which are the top Fruit Wholesalers in Vashi Market?

Top 10 Fruit Wholesalers near you in Vashi are:


▪ Baburao Laxman Mule & Co.
▪ J C Fruit Center
▪ Jay Sadguru Traders
▪ Mrn Iconic Fruits
▪ Shree Ganesh Vegetable Fruit Supply
▪ Pandre Fruits And Vegetable Merchant
▪ Arvind Fruit Stall
▪ Maharaja Kuver Traders
▪ Rajesh Jaiswal Fruits Pvt Ltd.
▪ MR Iconic Fruits

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