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Vijay Salaskar | Encounter Specialist Of 90s

Vijay Salaskar is a Mumbai police officer known as a panellist. Inspector Vijay is one of the renowned police inspectors and dating experts of the Mumbai Police Department.

Indian police officer Vijay Saraska was one of three police officers killed in the November 26, 2008 attack in Mumbai, India.

Vijay Salaskar
Source: Mid Day

Salaskar was the head of the Mumbai police anti-extortion cell until his death.

1983 lottery officer Vijay Salaskar killed 75-80 criminals in the clashes. Vijay eliminated many criminals in his 24 years of service. Most of the members of the Arun Gawli gang.

His protégé worked at the TADA court for three years until 1996. He was sent to the Nagpada police station in central Mumbai, where he participated in his first meetings under Inspector Vijay Salaskar.

Vijay is considered one of the most famous meeting planners of the time.

He had a degree in Commerce (M.Com) from Mumbai. Police Inspector Vijay Salaskar is widely credited with killing 75-80 perpetrators in the clashes.

Vijay Salskar Death Reason

Vijay was killed in an attack on a Mumbai subway cinema.

Salaskar was killed while fighting Pakistani terrorists in the November 2008 Mumbai attacks.

According to sources, Vijay once even went hunting for his ex-father Arun Gauli. Gawli fled the scene, forcing Vijay to return empty-handed. The arriving police took them both to the nearest police station and kept Salascar at the police station for about 30 minutes.

The four policemen were quickly killed in the shootout. The following was stated by Officer Arun Jadhav, who was with Officers Vijay Salaskar.

His 15-year-old agent recounted how Vijay Salaskar, Counter-Terrorist Commander Ashok Kamte and Internal Affairs Chief Hemant Karkare received information about terrorist attacks in the Kama and Albless cama hospital for women and children.

Additional Police Commissioner (Central Mumbai) Sadanand Date had been wounded in the resistance.

The Supreme Court dropped all charges against prominent dating specialist Daya Nayak under the MCOCA in 2010. It was only reinstated in 2012 by the Additional Commissioner of Police (West).

Prominent dating expert Daya Nayak was removed from office in early January 2006 after Maharashtra’s Organized Crime Control Act (MCOCA) court ordered the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to investigate his condition.

Ashok Kamte’s grandfather, Narayanrao, was the first Indian Inspector General of the Maharashtra Police from 1947 to 1955. The professor’s son, Salaskars’ mentor, was former Deputy Police Commissioner Arvind Patwardhan.

India Today reports that Vijay’s first fatal encounter came in his first year in office when he shot and killed Raja Shahabuddin, known to the police for several counts.

In retaliation, Salascar killed two of his confidants, Sadhu Paula and Vijay Mandela, in 1997, sparking accusations that the meetings were fake.

After a meeting in 2004, when Salascar killed two of Gavlis’ gangster aides, allegations surfaced that the killings were false.

In November 2006, in Mumbai’s Malad land grab, Sharma was implicated in an alleged fake meeting with former mobster Ram Narain Gupta, also known as Lahan Bhaya, suspected gangster aide Chhota Rajan, former mobster Ram Narain Gupta, known as Lahan Bhaya, suspected gangster assistant. Chhota Rajan.

In January 2010, Sharma arrested 21 others for attending a meeting with Lahan Bhaiya. Speaking of meeting Amartya Rao, it is stated that Amartya Rao is a relative of Don Chota Rajan.

Mobster Amartya Rao is currently in prison, and his rivals also spend a lot of time in prison. Later, another Mumbai super cop from Crime Squad D Sivanandan attempted to defeat Amartya Rao in a clash.

Amartya Rao was also injured during a meeting with Inspector Matula Lad, Mrs Singham’s Mumbai Police. DK Rao was also wounded in a clash with police officer Matula Lad, Mumbai’s Lady Singham.

Inspector Vijay Salaskar

Most of the gangsters killed by Inspector Vijay in the 1980s and 1990s belonged to a creepy and notorious gangster Mumbai.

Vijay’s most extensive mob group encountered included the famous Mumbai offensive gang in the 1980s and 1990s. Thus began the city’s long history of meeting the deaths of the underworld.

This is evidenced by police commissioner M. N. Singh, who wants the word “collision” to be replaced by the word “operation”.

Promotion is based on seniority, not performance,” says one assistant police inspector. Interestingly, since most of the cops in the meeting go through the path of a junior inspector, they can never dream of becoming police commissioners.

What the rest of the cops call a habri, what you and I call an informer, the cops in the meeting call a dost. A casual introduction of John Abraham as Amartya Rao and Emraan Hashmi as Inspector Vijay, they hide under cover of their identities.

Two women learned to deal with the murders as the years went by, and Vijay always appeared in their conversations.

Once the situation calmed down, the Mumbai police also provided Divya Salaskar and my mother with all the help they needed, whether paperwork or finding Salaskar’s belongings.

On 26/11, Special Police Officer Vijay Salaskar was home early, having dinner with his wife Smita and daughter Divia.

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