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Alive at 40: Stand up by Anuvab Pal

Anuvab Pal’s stand-up show Alive at 40 explores what it’s like to be a 40-year-old comedian in ‘New India,’. Where individuals pretend to be cool while failing miserably. The Alive at 40 show is a part of Amazon prime’s special stand up series.

About the Show Alive at 40

How does it feel to be a 40-year-old man in modern India? Indian uncles yelling on one side. Selfies and Snapchat, on the other hand. Anuvab Pal describes how middle-aged Indian men deceive themselves into thinking they desire to be younger, and the tragic consequences that follow. As evidenced by his long career as India’s most senior stand-up comedian (pun intended).

In Alive at 40 autobiographical act, he also discusses the rise of stand-up comedy in India over the last ten years, focusing on the lows rather than the highs. And in certain cases, it’s even lower. A look at contemporary India via the lens of stand-up comedy. Enter the opulent world of stand-up comedy, only to discover that it is anything but. Who says tragedy can’t be funny?

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Stand up comedy has gained a lot of recognition during recent times. While most of the comedians are younger. Anuvab Pal in his show tries to show the age difference between the comedians and him and how he is more relatable to the older audience.

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Stand up comedy in India: Opinion

Surely Stand-up comedy is an art, and it takes skilled people to reach the top of the industry. Unfortunately, stand-up comedians these days have forgotten their Job, which is to make people laugh and not force their political views on the audience. In the guise of entertainment, comedians these days have made it their mission to convey their intransigent beliefs that contain no facts or truth to their audiences.

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Stand-up comedy is a wonderful art form that is being suffocated in India by ‘comedians’ with nefarious agendas. Stand-up comedy in India is controlled by those with hypocritical attitudes. These people solely want to criticise nationalism, Hinduism, the current government. and anything that defames the country, much like Bollywood, where people from “named” families are chosen over people with true skill.

Due to these reasons, stand up in India is losing its popularity and will soon be dead if this industry is dominated by the same people without any actual talent of being funny.

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