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5 Most Important things you must own to enjoy monsoon

For some people, rain brings opportunities for fun and frolic, while some prefer to stay at home for fear of getting wet. They are unable to enjoy the rain even if they want to. For such people who keep themselves safe from the raindrops, there are many types of jackets and raincoats available in the market, which is giving opportunities to everyone, especially girls, to enjoy freely in the rainy season. Here are the 5 most important things can be used and need during the Rainy season.

Raincoat – One of Must used things in rainy season

With the onset of monsoon season, college students have to face the most problems. If it rains while returning from college, it gives opportunities for fun, but if it rains while going to college, students get upset. Earlier, where simple rain coats used to come in the market, now transparent raincoats, dotted raincoats and floral print raincoats are being liked by girls. It is also available in one piece.

man wearing things which is most used in rainy season rain coat


Probably the most obvious and important thing everyone has to have to get through the rainy days. Umbrellas can not only protect you from rains but also from a sunny day too. During the rainy days it’s probably better to use a large sized umbrella, but if its not raining heavily or drizzling you can carry a smaller one.

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Precip jacket

The Precip Jacket is stylish, value oriented and fully functional rainwear. It not only protects you from rain but also gives a smart look. At the same time, it is also very light and is available in the market at a very reasonable price. Precip jacket can be used in rainy season along with all things we have mentioned here.

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Along with jackets and raincoats, this season is also the season for wearing shorts. There are a dearth of options to get a stylish look in monsoon. In such a situation, this season is the best and right time to take out capri, bermuda, shots and skirts from the wardrobe. If you go to the office wearing trousers or pants, then you can fold them and give a stylish look. You can also wear ankle length or knee length pants or capris.

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Light Fabrics – less used things in Rainy season

Although cotton fabric is good for every season, things used should be ignored in the rainy season. Actually, cotton does not dry quickly when wet and also sticks to the body. Fabrics like poly nylons, chiffon, rayon are best in such weather. Chiffon and georgette are fabrics that dry quickly when wet and don’t even need to be ironed.

In rainy season pothole becomes the most frustrating thing for Mumbaikars and we all wants to file a complaint for the same. Good News is that BMC released a BMC Pothole complaint WhatsApp number where you can register your complaint regarding potholes.

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