Social media sensation Indranee Sharma and everything you need to know

Indranee Sharma is an Assamese Novelist and a popular figure in Assam, India. She is currently living in Bangalore and works as an application developer at IBM. Indranee Sharma became popular after her novel that she shared on a Facebook group in series. People loved her stories and admired her which gave her the courage to print her book. The medium she chose was Facebook to release her novel and that brought her overnight fame and admiration.

The Novel “Arnav, Astha Aru JEC” by Indranee Sharma

The name of the novel is “Arnav, Astha Aru JEC” it simply means Arnav Astha and JEC. The language used to write this novel is Assamese, Assamese is Assam’s one of the official languages and a popular language for literature in Northeast India.

The Novel is based on a college love story. The main roles are Arnav and Astha. JEC in the book means Jorhat Engineering College. Jorhat is a town in Assam. The story of Indranee’s novel is based on a fictional love story between Arnav and Astha in Jorhat Engineering College.

The interesting fact about the novel is that she herself is a Jorhat Engineering College’s student. Apparently that fact played a major role in the success of the novel and there are still many readers who might think that the story is her real story.

But that is not the case in the writer’s views and she says that it is completely a fictional story. After the release of the novel on a Facebook page, Indranee Sharma published it as a book in 2019 under Aak-Baak Publishers.

Indranee Sharma on Social Media

On Instagram her account has been followed by over 10k people. Her Facebook page has been liked by more than 40k people and she shares her movements frequently.

Indranee Sharma

Why did she choose Facebook as a medium to share her story?

According to her, the group or the Facebook community has been discussing literature for years and that was the reason she chose Facebook to showcase her novel online. That was more experimental than a planned endeavor. When her story was appreciated by people she decided to try her luck in the book also and that was also successful.

Personal life

Her hometown is Sibsagar, Assam. She is an engineer and a Jorhat Engineering College student of 2012. Indranee Sharma is Currently an Application developer at IBM and according to sources she recently joined IBM. She is currently in a relationship with Nayan Bhagawati.


Indranee Sharma loves listening to western rock music and her favorite song is Whiskey In The Jar by Metallica. She likes Storytelling, a Swedish audiobook streaming service.

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