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Things you should know before buying a preowned car

My country My Ride is a preowned car review YouTube channel with a large subscriber base. The channel is owned by Irfan Chaudhary and started the channel in 2012. The YouTube channel as well as the Instagram ID of My Country My Ride are very popular.

People come to this YouTube channel My Country My Ride to learn about pre owned cars. As Irfan also gives tips on how to buy a preowned car and what should one be cautious before buying a preowned car.

My Country My Ride on Instagram

Irfan’s My country my ride Instagram handle has been followed by more than 207k people and people are connecting with him more and more. He shares reel on Instagram about new arrivals of preowned cars in his access. Basically the cars are owned by pre owned car sellers and Irfan reviews them on YouTube and shares some clips on Instagram. Irfan has posted more than 500 times on Instagram since he joined Instagram.


On YouTube Irfan’s My Country My Ride has more than 4 million subscribers. He frequently uploads videos on Youtube and earns good money from them. In Fact the preowned car seller provides him with some share on sales. My Country My Ride YouTube channel has more than 40 crore video views so far and gets minimum 40k visitors per day.

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Why is My Country My Ride relevant here?

Basically the youtuber Irfan Chaudhary is helping people to buy pre owned cars that are in good condition. Some people purchase a used automobile to improve their driving skills before purchasing a new vehicle, while others do so due to financial restrictions.

Whatever the motive for purchase, an automobile is a car, and it is typically prized by its owner. A robust second hand automobile market has resulted from this desire to acquire a car. A used car or a pre-owned car can be purchased from a private seller (a regular car owner), a broker, or a firm.

In recent years, well-known automobile brands have entered the used-car market, and India’s organized used-car industry is expanding. As a result, you have a lot of choices. However, you must exercise caution and vigilance when exploring such possibilities. But if you never bought a new or preowned car then people like Irfan can be a great help.

Irfan reviews preowned cars that helps people to determine whether they should buy a preowned car or not. In addition to that he also shares some important information on his videos that one needs to be cautious before buying a preowned car.

Because of the complexities involved, doing a thorough inspection of the vehicle becomes even more vital when acquiring a secondhand car. And if you have reviewers like Irfan on youtube what else would you look for?

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