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5 Most beautiful Bungalow to Book for a stay in Madh Island

Bungalow on Rent in Madh Island

Madh Island is a cluster of charming fishing villages and farmlands on Mumbai’s northern outskirts. Madh Island is primarily populated by Kolis, East Indian Roman Catholics, and Marathis, with the gorgeous Arabian Sea to its west and Malad Creek to its east. The Island, which is known for its electronic rave parties, is great for anyone looking to get away from the city’s mayhem and bustle. To make your decision easier about what to book bungalow on rent in Madh Island for the holiday, here are top 5 choices of ours.

Ama Stays and trails, Madh Island – Best Bungalow on Rent

It is one of the luxurious beach bungalow on rent in Madh Island and the best place to for a warm holiday full of bliss. The house is surrounded by coconut trees and is by the Arabian sea. It is the perfect place to get away from the city connumdrum and have a peaceful time. It can accommodate four guests, has two rooms with air conditioner, wifi and television.

Ama Stays and trails, Madh Island drone view
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Phone: 080 23570761 / 1800111825

Address: Erangal Inspection Bungalow Erangal Madh Island, Madh – Marve Rd, Madh, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061

Indravadan Resorts

The best destination to visit for a day trip. All of the amenities were excellent, and the villa was lovely and well-kept. It’s a nice and quiet location. Villa in a tranquil and calm setting on the outskirts of Mumbai. The villa is really comfy and well-kept. At the end of the day, one can lie around for hours. You should bring your own groceries because there are few restaurants in the region.

Indravadan Resorts bungalow at madh island
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Address: 904, Madh – Marve Rd, Erangal Gaon, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061

Aashiyaanaa Villa ‘THE PALACE’

The accommodations were comfortable, and the staff was friendly and accommodating. The property was lovely. A fantastic location for a get-together with friends and family. The pool is fantastic, as are the other amenities. Dana Pani Beach is where you’ll find us. For all types of functions, this is the best private location. The only exception is that one must bring food and beverages with them because the nearest market is around 5 kilometres away.

Aashiyaanaa Villa 'THE PALACE' bungalow madh Island evening view
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Address: Erangal Gaon, Madh, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061

Phone: +91-9833836957

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Deshpande’s Villa

This is an incredible property, It’s spotless and well managed. There is a large outdoor play area. The pool is lovely, ad there is a beach is close by. The room is very large, there’s a big garden. Overall, it’s a relaxing, calm, and enjoyable setting in which to spend some time. It’s a great spot for a weekend escape.

deshpandes villa and bungalows exterior view
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Address: Vyas Wadi Street 2, Patil Wadi, Madh, Island, Maharashtra 400061

Phone: 088500 60893

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Bohemian Villa, Madh Island – Best Bungalow on Rent

This house features a large pool and two bedrooms and overlooks the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and ideal bungalow on rent in Madh Island . The party pad is ideal for a house party with up to 30 guests. The decor is Greek-inspired, and is its calming to embrace its beauty. Its an ideal vacation with family or friends.

Bohemian Villa, Madh Island Best Bungalow on Rent
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Contact: 077382 65790

Address: Bohemian Villa, 212, Royal Palms Estate, Aarey Colony, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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