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Kasheli Beach Small Travel Guide and FAQs

Last Month I planned a trip to Mumbai where my cousins planned a trip for Kasheli beach. Trust me guys you can always visit the small village of Kasheli and drive there. Although beautiful, Kasheli Beach is small and has no huts or restaurants as it is surrounded by hills on both sides.

We were alone at first, there is a tiled staircase that leads down to the beach, plus there is a newly built photo viewing platform. Once, after landing in Kasheli, we rented a car to take us to the beach, since it was already noon and it was terribly hot. Given the situation, we decided to organize a little relaxing trip and explore some of the pristine beaches of Konkan.

I decided to explore Konkan Maharashtra on the “king of the road” with my cousin. A plan was made with Thibault Palace, Mandvi Beach, Ratnadurg, Thibault Cape, Aquarium, Ganpatigule Beach and finally Kasheli/Devgali Beach.

What is Explore there?

The Ratnagiri area has many tourist spots with pristine and beautiful beaches. Ganeshgule is a coastal village in Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, with a beautiful pristine beach. Ganeshgule Beach is a kilometer-long beach covered on both sides by mountains. Not much explored by tourists, so Ganeshgule offers a sandy beach with crystal clear waters.

kasheli beach fort drone view

The beautiful unspoiled beach offers you peace and freedom to walk and swim in the blue waters whenever you wish. It’s about 10-15 minutes away and you can get to the top of the mountain by car. Ganeshgule, a village a few kilometers from Pavas, offers a beautiful unspoiled beach. A small hill is next to Gaonhadi Beach, so if you want to see the entire beach, a little hill climb can satisfy your cravings.

The fort is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on three sides and is shaped like a horseshoe. There is a beautiful Bhagwati temple inside the fort, so besides the fort researchers there are quite a lot of people here. The distant lighthouse at Parcot can be seen from the far end of the beautiful Bhagwati Temple. The Thibault Palace has a museum with all the details about the family and their life in Ratnagiri, as well as some of the things that the king used.

You can get an overview of this place by this map

How to Reach Kasheli Beach?

The nearest towns/cities/TP/KT from Kasheli are as follows. The schools closest to Kasheli are listed below. The neighborhoods of Kasheli are as follows. The nearest town / village / large settlement of Kashelis is Lanja, located at a distance of 6.9 km. Here are a few other airports around Kasheli. Kasheli is located approximately 36.6 km from the main district of the Kasheli region, Ratnagiri.

kasheli beach drone view

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FAQs About Kasheli Beach

Kasheli beach to kolhapur distance.
Kasheli is 138.7 km away form kolhapur and you can reach via NH 166G.

Kasheli beach resort
Sadly there is no resort available here but don’t be sad fortunately Airbnb is an option for stay.

Kasheli beach to ratnagiri distance
kasheli beach is 38.4 km away and it will take almost 30 minutes to reach here via MH SH4.

Better to stay at Ratnagiri, more hotels options are there.

Mumbai to Kasheli beach distance
Kasheli beach is 364.1 km away from Mumbai and it will take almost 5 hours to reach here via NH 66.

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