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King of Hills Travel Guide: How to Reach Ooty By Rail, Road or Air

Travel Guide to OOTY

Ooty, also known as Udhagamandalam, is a picturesque hill station in Tamil Nadu, India. If you’re planning a visit to this charming destination, you may be wondering how to get there. In this How to reach Ooty travel guide, we’ll explore the various transportation options available to reach Ooty.

There is no problem of any kind in reaching this hill station, which is included in the most famous hill stations of India. It is quite easy to reach Ooty from any part of the country. There is an airport, railway station and bus stand in the vicinity of Ooty, which is connected to major cities of many states of the country. You can select any one of these means to reach Ooty. Let us know in detail how to reach Ooty?

How to reach Ooty by Flight

Coimbatore Airport is known as the nearest airport to Ooty, which is about 87-88 km from Ooty. Far away, but if you don’t get a flight to Coimbatore airport, you can take a flight to Bangalore, which is about 305-310 km from Ooty. Is at a distance of. Flights fly to both these airports from many cities of the country. If Ooty is very far from your city, then you can plan to go to Ooty by flight.

First you try to catch a flight to Coimbatore airport and if you don’t get a flight to Coimbatore airport, then you can catch a flight to Bangalore airport. Buses ply for Ooty from both these airports, which are close to Ooty Hill Station, in which both AC and non AC buses are available. Ooty can also be reached by taxi from Coimbatore airport.

How to reach Ooty by Train

The nearest railway station to Ooty is Coimbatore Airport, which is about 86-87 km from Ooty Hill Station. Is located at a distance. There are direct trains from many cities in the country to Coimbatore Railway Station. There are three modes of transport available from Coimbatore Railway Station to Ooty, which are as follows-

Bus – There are many buses plying from Coimbatore Railway Station to Ooty, so that you can reach Ooty from Coimbatore Railway Station.

Taxi – A number of taxis are also available from Coimbatore Railway Station to Ooty, making Ooty very easy to reach.

Train – Toy train facility is available from Mettupalayam Railway Station to Udagamandalam Railway Station (Udagamandalam is the old name of Ooty and Udagamandalam is the railway station of Ooty). You can take another train or taxi from Coimbatore Railway to Mettupalayam Railway Station and from there take a toy train to Udagamandalam i.e. Ooty.

Note:- If you search Ooty Railway Station on Google Map or any other app, you will not find Ooty Railway Station anywhere, because the name of Ooty Railway Station is Udagamandalam Railway Station and everywhere you will find Udagamandalam Railway Station. Only you will get to see.

How to reach Ooty by bus

Many types of AC and non AC buses are run between Ooty hill station from different cities of the country, so that you can reach Ooty easily, but if you are planning to go to Ooty by bus, then first of all check that Whether bus facility is available from you or your nearest city to Ooty.

By bike and car

It is best to plan to go to Ooty by bike and car, because you will get to see different views while traveling to Ooty from different cities of the country. Also, you will not have to wait for any other means to visit the local sites of Ooty Hill Station. If you belong to a far away city of Ooty, get your bike or car serviced before starting your trip to Ooty.

In my opinion trust me if you really want to explore the beauty of travelling then you must travel though the train it will give you the kind of satisfaction and excitement of the journey. Well it’s totally up to you but you can take the free advice if you want. Have a great and safer journey.

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