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Mumba Devi Mandir – History, How to Reach and FAQs

Mumba Devi Mandir, or Mumba Devi Temple, is an ancient Hindu temple located in Mumbai dedicated to the local incarnation of Goddess Mumba, Devi (the Mother Goddess).

Mumba Devi is considered an incarnation of the mother goddess and is still worshipped by Dravidians from western and southern India.

The goddess is the embodiment of Mother Earth. It is still revered by Hindus in northern and southern Indo-Gangetic Plains.

The term Mumba can be traced back to the Marathi language, indicating that local deities have been present in the culture since the 15th century.

A popular Marathi Mythology for Mumba is “Maha Amba” or “great mother”, one of the most recognizable names of the Hindu mother goddess (Devi) in India.

The legend of Mumba Devi was recorded by urban scholar and historian K. Raghunath from Sanskrit sthala Purana in a book titled “The Hindu Temples of Mumbai”, published in 1900.

Koli fishermen and Dravidians have prayed to the gods since ancient times.

Mumbai, the Mumba Devi temple’s patron goddess, has done so to this day. According to one legend, the eight-armed goddess Mumbadevi was sent by Lord Brahma to defeat an evil demon named Mumbaraka who was terrorizing the locals.

Worship of Mumbadevi is the main activity at the Mumba Devi temple in Bhuleshwar.

This elegant ancient temple of Mumba Devi Mumbadevi is located in the busy streets of Zaveri Bazaar. Still, people regularly come here to have the darshan of the goddess.

Churchgate Station is also close to the bustling Zaveri Bazar Devi Temple, one of the oldest temples in Mumbai, built in the 18th century.

Mumba Devi Mandir Mumbai

Mumba Devi Mandir Mumbai itself is not impressive, but it is an essential attraction as it is dedicated to Mumba Devi, the patron saint of Mumbai city.

The city of Mumbai takes its name from the patron goddess of Mumbai, so the Mumbai Devi Temple is indeed an important building for the inhabitants of this beautiful city.

The Temple of Mumba Devi was built in Bori. Bunder in 1675. In Bombay, the temple was initially built in 1675 at a different location: Bori Bunder (South Bombay), then moved to its present location at Bhuleshwar 1737 in Kalbadevi, Bombay.

The Mumba Devi Temple at Bhuleshwar is located in the heart of Mumbai, and you can easily reach it from anywhere in Mumbai. Although the Maharashtra Mumbadevi temple is not as striking as others in Mumbai, its permanent deity, Mumbadevi, is the city’s patron goddess.

The Mumba Devi Temple in Maharashtra is about six centuries old and is believed to be the work of Mubarak.

This sadistic giant often plundered the city at the time. The Bombay Devi Temple once stood on the former site of the modern Victoria Terminus in Mumbai, the central island.

History Of The Mandir

The original temple is located near the Victoria Terminus (or Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus), which was destroyed around 1740. The original temple was built in 1737 and demolished to create a new Mumbai temple in the southern Bhuleshwar district.

There is another magnificent place known as Surajwadi, where the Suryanarayana temple is located, unique. There is no other sun temple in Mumbai.

The complex also houses the shrines of Ganesha, Maruti, Mahadev, Indrayani, Murlidhara, Jagannath, Narsoba and Balaji.

The outer walls are decorated with beautiful relief carvings in Hindu temples. Idols of Hanuman and Ganesha are also found in the temple complex. Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman, and Goddess Annapurna are also murtis on the temple grounds.

In addition to the image of Maa Mumbadevi, the Mumbadevi Temple in Mumbai also houses the idols of Ganesh Indra and Hanuman.

The Mumbadevi Temple of Maharashtra was built in honour of Mumbadevi, the patron goddess of the fishermen Koli. They are believed to be the original inhabitants of the city of Mumbai. Its name comes from Maa Mumbadevi.

The goddess of Mumbai is considered the protector of the salt gatherers and fishermen of the region. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvati (also known as Gauri) in a fisherwoman.

The main idol of the goddess is adorned with a silver crown, knob and gold necklace. Shrine of a temple seems to have an idol of Mumbadevi with a gold necklace and button in his nose and a silver crown.

The temple is elegantly made with a murti or vigraha of our deity Mumba Devi placed on the altar, always adorned with marigold flowers and various decorations.

Another legend is that Goddess Parvati incarnates the eight-armed goddess and slays the evil demon Mubaraka.

Mubarak knelt down at Mumbaraka, begging the goddess Mumba to be named after him, and a temple was built for her.

After the defeat, the demon Mombaraka asked for forgiveness and promised to build a beautiful temple dedicated to Mombardvi. He was also allowed to build a beautiful temple dedicated to the patron goddess of Mumbai.

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  1. What Is Mumba Devi Temple?
    Mumba Devi Temple, is an ancient Hindu temple located in the city of Mumbai dedicated to the local incarnation of Goddess Mumba, Devi (the Mother Goddess).

  2. What Is The Names Of The Hindu Mother Goddess?
    “Maha Amba” or “great mother” is the name of the hindu mother goddess.

  3. How Old Is Mumba Devi Temple?
    The Mumba Devi Temple in Maharashtra is about six centuries old and is believed to be the work of Mubaraki, the sadistic giant who often plundered the city at the time.

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