Saturday, May 25

Mumbai congress news: “Congress Jud Nhi rhi hai” and planning for “Bharat Jodo” Yatra

Bharat Jodo Yatra Row: Elections to 15 municipal corporations, 25 zilla parishads and over 200 municipal corporations in Maharashtra are likely to be announced after Diwali, and the Congress is not paying any heed as the Congress is busy with Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra campaign. Congress and MVA are not able to connect completely and Maharashtra Congress dream to connect the whole country. The idea of ​​Maharashtra Congress is very good, but it will be better if they make a strategy for the upcoming Maharashtra elections as well.

Just 2 months back, Congress has lost its government in Maharashtra, but it is fun, even if some force has come on the forehead of Congress, from Congress workers to leaders, all are full of enthusiasm but not for elections, to trick Rahul Gandhi. For. Congress is the oldest political party in India, and seeing their downfall, it is sad to be a conscious countryman because in a democracy it is very important to have strong opposition, and Congress should remain dominant.

Congress has to understand that whoever wins the election, it is important to give 100%, to raise the issues of interest of the poor, to establish new dimensions of employment and infrastructure. Even now, if Congress wants, it can establish a model by doing good work in their government own states, but no, all this will not happen from them, they are only focusing on to travelling India in the name of Bharat Jodo Yatra, that too under the great leadership of Sir Rahul Gandhi Ji.

As fan of Indian politics, we want that monopoly or duopoly should not be established here and the parties who distribute free ki rewari should not rule at any cost, but topics like innovation, employment, manufacturing, science and cultural development should come in the mainstream politics so we can assure the development of this great country of India. The Congress has to understand that “the aim of politics is not to gain power, but the welfare of the people.”

If you are reading this article of ours and you are a supporter of any party, then think above it, and take steps towards strengthening democracy.

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