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Write a 300 word Character sketch of Peddler in The Rattrap

Character sketch of Peddler in The Rattrap

“The Rattrap”! A classic short story that explores the themes of trust and kindness. Today, let’s delve into the character sketch of the peddler – a man with a troubled past and a hopeful future.

Character sketch of Peddler

The struggle to escape the trap of poverty and circumstance is a theme that is embodied by the complex character of The Peddler in “The Rattrap.” He is a man of humble beginnings who travels from town to town selling small trinkets and goods to make a living. Despite his lack of wealth, he exudes a certain allure and charisma that endears us to him and draws us in.

The Peddler is a man who, despite his good nature, has endured a lot of hardship in his life. Because of his outsider status in society, those who are wealthier frequently look down on him. Because of this, he has grown resentful and disheartened to the point of being somewhat cynical. He is resilient and determined, though, and these qualities enable him to persevere in the face of difficulty.

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We observe the Peddler’s increasing desperation for money as the plot develops. In an effort to sell the rattrap for a quick profit, he burglarizes an elderly man’s home. However, he loses hope once more when he realises that the money in the trap is only a small sum. At this point, he encounters the sympathetic and kind Edla, who offers him a place to stay the night.

The Peddler’s interactions with Edla cause him to open up and show his true self. Although he is a flawed man, he is also a man of great kindness and empathy. He eventually succeeds in escaping the shackles of poverty and circumstance, which gives him a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

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Overall, The Rattrap’s themes and ideas are represented by the Peddler, a fascinating and complex character. He serves as a reminder that everyone has the potential to escape the barriers holding them back and that even those who are viewed as outcasts or outsiders can have a great deal of depth and complexity.

You can watch this video for summary of this chapter:

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