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Movies Like Hotel Mumbai – Top 3 List

One of the central motifs of Hotel Mumbai is the bravery of the hotel staff, who make extraordinary efforts to protect their guests. Throughout the film, guests and staff remain trapped in the hotel, pursued for days by murderous terrorists until only the security forces are left. In this article we gonna discuss about top 3 movies like hotel Mumbai but before going further first discuss about Hotel Mumbai and understand the plot of the same movie.

Hotel Mumbai Movie Preview

The film tells the story of an 18-year-old French girl who witnesses a terrorist attack and is trapped in a hotel room. His new thriller Hotel Mumbai that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last year and lands in theaters on 22 March focuses on the stories of guests and staff that are trapped in Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in a year-long nightmare eluded by four armed terrorists who storm the halls and kill indiscriminately. Hotel Mumbai is located on the day of the terrorist attack on the Taj Hotel in Mumbai on 26 November.

Hotel Mumbai is an action thriller co-written by Anthony Maras and John Colleen. In 2008, a series of attacks by the Islamist militant Lashkar e-Taiba in Mumbai killed more than one hundred sixty people. Many places in the city were targeted, including hospitals and Jewish community centers, but the most publicized, though not the deadliest, attack occurred at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, also known as the Taj.

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Hotel Mumbai Movie Story and Short Preview

Hotel Mumbai tells the story of the chefs of Taj Hotel in Mumbai who help hotel guests escape the Mumbai terrorist attacks on November 26. Based on the November 26 Mumbai attacks, the film is an Indian docudrama and action thriller directed by Ram Gopal Varma. In 2013, the film recorded the story of ten terrorists captured in Mumbai and weaved a detailed plan to break into the siege site. That night, ten terrorists from the Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist group, led by a man known as a cop, carried out a coordinated attack on 12 locations in Mumbai, India, including Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in the city.

The terrorists forced Zahra Vasili to join their other hostages at gunpoint, including David, who lay in an attic on the floor. A police officer, DC Vam, and his partner decided to enter the hotel hoping to get into the security room where they could track the movements of the terrorists. Vam ordered Arjun to stay when he attacked the terrorists, wounding one named Imran and driving away.

Zahra Nazanin Boniadi and David Armie Hammer as couple and Vasili (Jason Isaacs) as Russian businessman, take centre stage at the Mumbai hotel. One real life couple shaped the scene in which Zahra and David’s characters are taken hostage by terrorists while the other finds himself in a similar predicament as in the film, but decides to separate during the attack to give his young children a better chance that at least one parent will live. While Imran is guarding the hostages, he contacts his family members and it is revealed after a tearful reconciliation with them that the terrorists left under the guise of military training shortly before the attack on the hotel.

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Hotel Mumbai is a thriller – drama – adaptation of the documentary Surviving Mumbai chronicling the events of Mumbai attacks on India’s Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in 2008. Based on the November 26 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, the film stars Dev Patel and Anupam Kher. Inspired by the documentary Survived Mumbai, Hotel Mumbai tells the story of the hotel’s survivors and staff who try to escape.

The buried Hotel Mumbai did not initially receive the attention it deserved, but since its release it has received positive reviews from critics. New York paid tribute to the bravery of hotel staff and security staff at Taj who risked their lives without a moment of hesitation to rescue innocent and traumatized victims of the horrific incident.

The film was created by Kriv Stenders, Aden Young and Toby Wallace and has a score of 5.4 on IMDb. At first glance, the story of Pi’s life seems like a real story, but the film presents many fantastic elements based on the 2001 novel of the same name. Fans of Jia feel at home in the film, echoing its predecessors.

Moives like hotel mumbai posterPicture credit : ZEE and Firstpost

Top 5 Movies like hotel Mumbai

You can watch multiple Movies Like Hotel Mumbai on Netflix, Amazon Prime and other platforms. Survival films range from incredible true stories to terrifying possibilities and absolutes. Here are 5 Movies Like Hotel Mumbai you can watch on OTT platforms to experience the trauma, terror and fear of victims and learn from real life heroes such as security guards and hotel staff.

London River : 1st of 5 Movies Like Hotel Mumbai

Here Blethyn’s beleaguered Elizabeth transforms into something transformative. The Four Lions comedy, which depicted the 2005 London bombings, sometimes struggled to strike the right tone, but London River is a tight drama, not unlike Chris Morris in that it tries to fix all the problems in that department. Blethyn is life-affirming and wonderful as the secret that lies within, and delivers a stellar and poignant performance, like Kouyate.

Rachid Bouchareb’s London River is set immediately after the London bombings of 2005. It follows a pair of single parents, middle-class twitches Elisabeth (Elisabeth Sommer) and Brenda Blethyn, who set off from their country estate to the city in search of their adult daughter and a soft-spoken African, Ousmane (late Sotigui Kouyate) who is looking for his estranged son. The film Starringand (Kouyate, who died at the age of 74 on 17 April 2010), was written and produced by the French-Algerian director and performed 100% on the backs of veteran actors.

Blethyn and Sommer provide nuanced and memorable performances as sensitive and naive mothers. It hardly matters that the film explores the timid and subtle relationship between French Muslim, English and Christian women in search of their missing children, but the performance of the unlikely relationship between the two protagonists, Brenda and SotIGui, is excellent, with a subtle and gentle build-up to their friendship that stems from the frustration, despair and fear of powerless parents.

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London River Movie Story and Short Preview

In the first 45 minutes of the film the two strangers carry out their personal search in a foreign country – Elizabeth to police and a Malian Muslim (Ousmane Sotigui Kouyate, who worked in France for 15 years) on the way to a mosque where he worships Ali, the 21-year-old son he has not seen for 15 years. They are being given the same advice: check the hospitals where the injured have been taken and post leaflets with photos of their children in bewildered north-west London, where they live. As the parents navigate their own ways, confused and discouraged by a series of encounters with police and people who know their children, it becomes clear that they are a separated couple.

Sent to London by his estranged wife, Ousmane is on the hunt for their son Ali. He is in London to send his wife to look for him, even though he left the family when he was 6 years old, speaks no English and has no idea where he lives. A devout Muslim, Ousmanes (Sotigui Kouyate), asks his distraught wife back in Africa to make an enquiry, comes to London and moves immediately to the same Muslim neighborhood to explain his dilemma to Imam Sami (Bouajila ).

While Elizabeth searches for her daughter, filing missing persons papers with an overcrowded police force is a high priority. Ousmane Sotigui (Kouyate) begins his journey across the English Channel to Paris in search of his son. In London, the widow of Elisabeth Sommers searches for parallels with Oussmane, an African in France who has not seen his son since he was six. She and Blethyn live with a daughter she knows in a small apartment in a Muslim neighborhood, where she is initially surprised when Ousmene goes camping in a cheap hotel.

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Elizabeth Sommers (Brenda Blethyn), a short, fat widow who lost her husband as a naval officer in the Falklands conflict, has a 22-year-old daughter Jane who is studying in London. When she gets no response on her mobile phone after a suicide bombing in London on July 7, she leaves her farm in the hands of her brothers and goes to London. Elizabeth tries to call her daughter Jane, but her concern grows and decides to go to London instead. Angry that her calls are not answered via answering machine, she worries about crossing the Channel to London to track down her daughter.

Elisabeth Blethyn and Ousmane Koyate wander the streets of London with his son, whom he has not seen since he left home at the age of six. When Elisabeth finds out about the bombings in London, she calls her daughter to see if she is well. As the days pass without a word, she travels to London to look for her daughter.

When his adult son Ali Ousmane Kouyate, an African forest worker living in France, is unable to find him and tries to reconnect with his son, Elisabeth searches London for information about him and the children he has met and discovers that he has more in common with him than she thought. After the London bombings, a panicked mother (Elisabeth Blethyn) meets an Afro-Frenchman (Ousmanes Koyate) in search of her missing daughter. During the day following news of the terror attacks in London on 7 July 2005, a distraught mother (Sofia Wigmore) calls her daughter Jane who is studying in London.

Another person she meets is a lanky, ageing African man in search of his son Ali. This is met with understandable futility by the overburdened local gendarmerie, and Elizabeth, like many Londoners after the bombings, pins photos of her daughter Jane around the area. The mother (fantastic Brenda Blethyn), who heard about bus bombings in London and left a message to her daughter in London calling her back, meets a strange-looking African (Ousmane Sotigui Kouyate) in a beautiful scene in which her prejudices and fear of the unknown dissolve.

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London River is set five years after the July 7 suicide bombings in London, and its two main characters are ordinary, middle-aged people who live as news of the attacks reaches them. Fate throws together an English widow and an African ranger, as it did in the 2005 London bombings, but London River deprives Rachid Bouchareb’s duel of trumpeted political correctness for a more intimate drama that stands out. Two great actors play their silent hugs and farewells, Blethyn’s head coming out of his chest, heartbreaking in its simplicity.

As a central political filmmaker (the Algerian war drama “Day of Glory” is a better example of his strength), Bouchareb has littered coverage of “London River” with his focus on the sole fear that the attacks instilled in two worried parents. He examines how an unlikely cross-cultural friendship develops between a Christian woman and a Muslim man, acting as a hope and possibly an antidote to the so-called clash of civilizations that triggered the terror attacks in London. In the course of the film the interactions and relationships of the parents develop through deep distrust and distrust towards the British not racism, partly due to a mutual bond between daughter Elisabeth (British actress Brenda Blethyn) and son Ousmane (Mali-born actor Sotigui Kouyate) who both experienced this together without knowing it.

Special Ops : 2nd of 5 Movies Like Hotel Mumbai

In 2020, the action series Special Ops will be set during the infamous 2001 attacks on New Delhi’s parliament, which were perpetrated by five terrorists killed in a clash with Indian security forces. This is another masterpiece movies like hotel Mumbai to watch.

Special Ops is an Indian-Hindi action spy thriller web series developed on Hotstar Special, developed and led by Neeraj Pandeys and co-directed by Shivam Nair. Special Ops, an eight-part web series that began on the Hotstar streaming service last month, bears an uncanny resemblance to the Pandeess Hindi film Baby (2015) and the most recent spy thriller Bard of Blood (on Netflix) and Family Man (on Amazon Prime Video). However, Pandey fails to reproduce the charm of his previous work in his latest project: Special Ops, a fictional eight-episode series about a two-decade manhunt to find the mastermind behind the bombing of Parliament in 2001.

Neeraj Pandey has a natural flair for making films that deal with India’s internal security and the threats posed by neighboring countries. He’s the man most associated with fantastic Bollywood thrillers such as Wednesday Special and 26 Babies, so you’d expect the show to give itself a great twist.

When we first meet Himmat Singh, Special Ops, he makes life and death decisions on his mobile phone and decides the fate of people with a tacit two-word command.

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Special Ops Story and Preview

Himmat shuttles between past and present timelines and first recounts how he hand-picked a group of agents and dispatched them to several Gulf states to hunt down Ikhlaq Khan, the alleged sixth terrorist involved in the 2001 terrorist attacks. Farooq Ali (Karan Tacker), Ruhani Syed Khan (Meher Vij), Balakrishna Reddy (Vipul Gupta), Avinash (Muzzamil Ibrahim) and Juhi Kashyap (Saiyami Kher). Hemat Singh leads a team of five undercover agents: FarOOQ (Ali), Karan, Syed, Meher (Vij), Juhi (Kashyap) and Saiyami (Kher). They are located in different countries of West Asia.

All the actors have done an excellent job in portraying their respective characters. Karan Tacker does a good job as Agent Farooq, who looks like the line from the show. Menon’s portrayal of Himmat is superb and lets the viewer see the shortcomings in the play of the other actors.

There is no doubt that Himmat is a well-rounded character, played by one of India’s finest actors, but other characters don’t get this kind of limelight. It feels like they’re layers for him, but not a bit more.

Neeraj Pandey and his talented writers, including Deepak Kingrani and Benazir Ali Fida, don’t care about commenting on right and wrong, they tell you a story full of drama, exciting climaxes and gripping moments.

Kay Menon plays Special Ops Himmat Singh, father of a teenage daughter and the father of a group of young agents working for R AWS (the Secret Service). Much of the series is about Himmat and his team working to track him down. Like Srikant, Menon’s father, Himmat is a kind of normal Joe you wouldn’t notice on the street, but like Manoj Bajpayee, he has a sociopathic glow in his eye.

As the story continues, Himmats and his team try to capture the terrorist and prove his existence. This shows the importance of the other characters in the team and the operations in the plot, but it also focuses on K.K.

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Although they have a bigger budget than the original Hotstar series, you can tell from the location that Special Ops has access to it that it looks buzzing.

The web series is fast-paced, but the direction of Nair and Pandey is not. Both show a range during the episodes, which gets better and better as the story goes on.

Karan Tracker, one of the most important spy officers, also performs well. Stutee Ghosh of Quint, who gave Special Ops three out of five points, explained that while the show is uneven and its pace occasionally falters, it is proof that Neeraj Pandey has both the skills and the flaws to create a show with enough drama to keep us going. The other factor that keeps the Special Ops series going in this world is the deep-rooted performances of the lead actors, especially the dependable Kay Kay Menon.

Some of the best sequences of Special Ops are Himmat’s pleasant sparring (smiling) with his wife Gautami Kapoor (fingers) and his pow-wows with Etiquette Inspector Abbas (Vinay Pathak). Menon’s capable foot soldier Abbas Menon lives by the saying “Himmat Singh ke liye apni jaan bhi de denge” and his poker-faced reaction to Thok Jaane’s almost tear-eyed trembling when he expresses one of his compromised assets make it worthwhile.

Special Ops is the most sophisticated and sophisticated series that Hotstar has released under its newly baptized “Hotstar Special” banner and it’s a good answer for your movies like hotel Mumbai search query, but that doesn’t say much. The benefits of Special Ops, released at a time when cinemas across the country should be closed because of the Coronavirus pandemic, are consistent with the fact that it is a streaming series from Netflix and Amazon straight out of the gate, much like Bard of Blood and Family Man. Some may take it easy, but the truth is that Special Ops is not too different from the thriller and spy films produced by Hollywood a few years ago, treating critics in India as gifts from the White God, including a band of critics and the likes of Marvel fans and Scorsese who lit them up.

The series follows Himmat Singh (Menon) a research and analysis wing that finds similar patterns in terrorist attacks and is convinced that every single person behind them is. The original by Neeraj Pandey (director) and Shivam Nair (a man of the charm of Kay Kay Menons) and the authors of their spy thriller have captivated and impressed Special Ops is a wonderful movies like hotel mumbai.

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Mumbai Meri Jaan : 3rd of 3 Movies Like Hotel Mumbai

The beauty of Mumbai Meri Jaan are real characters, real dialogue, good story, powerful acting, astounding direction, emotional climax and the message it conveys and if you are searching for best movies like Hotel Mumbai then it’s a good replacement for your search query. The screenplay, execution and performances of Paresh Rawal, Irfan Khan, KK Madhavan and Soha Ali Khan make this film worth seeing and a gamble for any Indian living in the country. This film will be added to BTC’s films such as See You Later and Die Here as we have long seen mainstream Hindi films. This is a film about ordinary people who strive for normality and go through turbulent and catastrophic periods.

It deals with the aftermath of the tragedy and the lives of five people who are not connected or connected, but who are affected. Set against the backdrop of the Mumbai bombings, the film diversifies five different stories of different people you can relate to. There are bits and rolls that give you an insight into the characters you would find in a city of spoiled rich brats, preaching fathers and housewives, bombings, mean events and many more.

Mumbai Meri Jaan Story

The film has six authentic characters who represent a portal to the ethos of countless masses who have had life-shattering experiences and emerge victorious from the circumstances. The story and the characters portrayed in the story are interlinked. You do not have to witness them, because there is always the possibility that you have heard or read about them before.

It deals with the aftermath of Mumbai train bombings of 11 July 2006, which killed 209 people and injured more than 700 others. Based on characters played by Kay Menon, Soha Ali Khan, Paresh Rawal and Irrfan Khan Madhavan, Mumbai Meri Jaan follows the story of five people affected by the explosion and represents a microcosmic cross-section of the city where they train, where they belong and where the rogue acts of the cities cast doubt on the long-term viability of their relationship with the city. Like Mumbai, My Love, the film captures the trauma of a few people hit by the bombings in July 2006.

Nishikant Kamat’s Hindi feature film based on Mumbai bombings in July 2006 borrows its structure from The Crash and other similar films in which different people overlap at any given time or moment and loose ends are linked to insane cleanliness. The director’s first Hindi adventure is a commendable effort to show you the aftermath of the Mumbai bombings and surprise you with his two-hour narrative that establishes an instant connection. It is like a baby group coming of age from Soha Ali Khan with the presentation of Rupali Joshi, a leaving journalist whose life appears to be reversed after 9 / 11 when her tragic story becomes the focus of TV coverage.

Mumbai Salsa Mumbai (Cutting) Mumbai Meri Jaan is a timely tribute to the spirit of the city that never dies. Director Nishikant Kamat strikes the right notes on his debut in Hindi films when he captures the chaos that has engulfed the lives of a group of Mumbai residents since a mass transit train bombing in 2006. Marathi director Kamat takes a comforting foray into Hindi cinema with a work of art that combines his sharp vision, mastery of character narration and brilliant style of execution, transforming Yogesh Joshi’s paper script into a sensational account of six lives affected by July 11. The story of disparate lives, life on the subway and a sense of meaning is woven into a tapestry of tragedy.

Parallel tracks gather around a common climax. Mumbai Meri Jaan is written by Yogesh Vinayak Joshi and Upendra Sidhaye and directed by Nishikant Kamat. Needless to say, Kamat’s laudable interpretation of the emotional exploitation of members of the fourth estate, or Soha Ali Khan’s subplot, which benefits from scriptwriting reality, borders on a varied mix of distraught Mumbaikars garnished with superlatives. Madhavan has seen his cameo in Hindi films before, but people who are not his fans will find it hard to ignore his performance as a deranged man who trains to survive and not to hurt.

It is shocking how Mumbai’s delicate texture has turned Meri Jaan into a finger-wagging warning Madhur Bhandarkar film, burdening us with its insights into rich people, television companies and the worst of the worst, the worst. In essence, this is a film that affects the lives of a multitude of cosmopolitan citizens in a way I have never seen before, among formula-driven films, a film that addresses social issues while entertaining.

Mumbai Meri Jaan tells you how the tragic bombings of 11 July 2006 changed the lives of those who became victims, those who lost loved ones and those who thanks God for not being on the train. The film examines how ordinary people were affected by the explosions and the tragedy they went through.

Madhavan (Nikhil), an educated entrepreneur who glows with nationalist pride and an urge to change India for the better, is a man of few words, but it seems that Madhavan’s character continues to orchestrate tactics in Mumbai. Thomas (Irrfan), a roadside coffee salesman, is dragged on his bike through the streets of Mumbai at night. In other parts of the city there is Constable Tukaram Patil (Presh Rawal) a hard-working policeman who has never fired a shot in his career. This are some recommendation for movies like hotel Mumbai with Movie story. I hope you like this article. Thank you for reading.

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